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Food 2 (OWS B 26A)

Choose the correct word or phrase. Wybierz poprawne słowo lub wyrażenie.

1. chleb
bread, olive oil, butter, sugar
2. masło
butter, bread, jam, pasta
3. kawałek sera
a piece of cheese, sugar, a bar of chocolate, food
4. jaja
eggs, sugar, rice, butter
5. cukier
sugar, olives, jam, a cake
6. ciasto
a cake, jam, pasta, milk
7. dżem
jam, noodles results , pasta, butter
8. herbatniki
biscuits, rice save time , food, jam
9. olej z oliwek
olive oil, pasta, olives, a piece of cheese
10. ryż
rice, food, sugar, olives
11. makaron
pasta, bread, rice, a bar of chocolate
12. oliwki
olives, biscuits, sugar, a piece of cheese
13. kluski
noodles, a cake educational games , a piece of cheese, biscuits
14. class website tabliczka czekolady
a bar of chocolate, olives, noodles, rice
15. learning żywność
food, jam, a piece of cheese, milk