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Ethical Theories

Duty, Rights, Virtue, Consequences,

Aristotle - %22Rhetoric%22, Moderation, The Golden Mean, Kant, Deontology, Intent %26 Motives Intent %3e outcome, Treat others as %22ends-in-themselves%22, Egoism, Ethical egoism: %22Looking out for number one%22, Maximizing pleasure (Bentham), Maximizing happiness (Mill), Outcome %3e intent, Minimizing pain/suffering, The social contract, quiz builder %22Bottom-Up%22 safety net, Creating and continously improving society, online quizzes Utilitariansim, Locke/Hobbes/Rousseau/ American Founding Fathers, Glaucon %26 Ayn Rand, Sam Harris is a subscriber, The least we can expect from each other, Triage situation - help those who are able to be saved, Do NOT treat as %22means to an end%22, Do what is best for everyone, With each right comes a responsibility, Eudemonia = Flourishing, This creates room for superego,