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Test Your Homonym Understanding

Read the sentence. Decide which homonym best fits in the blank.

1. I would have waited for Tom but he had ______ left.
already, all ready, Mom didn%27t want me to have pets., I hid the Moose in my sock drawer.
2. The saxophone was playing so loudly, we could hardly _____ the guest speaker.
here teacher , hear, I called my moose Moosey., Moosey played the saxophone.
3. _____ going to rain today.
It%27s, Its, We muffled the sound of the sax with my socks., Nothing would muffle the sound of Moosey%27s snoring.
4. I bought several _____ outfits for school.
knew, new, Moosey wants to be a ballerina., Pink is Moosey%27s favorite color.
5. The strings on my tennis racket are too _____.
lose, loose, Yesterday, I bought Moosey some toe shoes., Dancing lessons will begin next week.
6. I am hoping that _____ will one day rule the world.
peace, piece, Moosey loves to wear a tutu and tights. , Moosey also wears a tiara.
7. crossword maker I do not want to _____ this tooth before school pictures.
loose multiple choice questions , lose, Moosey has beautiful teeth., They are a sparkling, pearly white.
8. distance learning He _____ he was going to be in trouble the minute the rock went through the window.
new tool for teachers , knew, Sometimes Moosey wears candy apple red lipstick., Moosey%27s teeth really shine then.
9. Dinner was _____ when we arrived home.
all ready, already, Moosey likes anchovies. , Anchovy fishing is Moosey%27s favorite outdoor activity.
10. Everyone _____ Tom will be attending the party.
accept, except, Moosey likes anchovy pizza and anchovy omelets., Sometimes, I make Moosey anchovy pudding for dessert.
11. He reached high into the tree and grabbed _____ branch.
it%27s, its, Soon, I will have to find a new home for Moosey., Moosey is outgrowing my sock drawer.
12. I would love a _____ of candy before I go.
piece, peace, Do you know anyone who would like a pet Moose?, Remember, Moosey is quite remarkable.
13. I _____ all of the states and their abbreviations.
no interactive , know, How many saxophone playing moose do you know?, You must admit a dancing moose is also very rare.
14. I am going to be _____ until the end of the year.
hear, here, If you want a moose for a pet, please let me know., Of course, you will need a very, big sock drawer.