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infinitive vs S.Past

to fly, to forget, to buy, to sendweb page, to go, to say, to get, to sing, to drink, to steal, to come, to be, to see, to run, to ride online quizzes , to build, to meet, to swim, to drive distance learning , to sit learning , to have, to ring e-learning , to make, to give, to tell, to catch, to spend online , to speak, to bring, to do e-learning , to pay, to sleep,

ran, sat class page , came, paid, said, bought, brought, drank, gave, built, spoke, made, rode, caught, flew, saw, forgot elearning , went, did, had, was/were, rang, drove, got online quizzes , spent assess performance , sang quiz generator , stole, swam, told grading , slept, sent, met,