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Satire Notes

1. A literary term that uses humor to criticize a specific target is called:
narrative, logos, satire, play
2. The main purpose of satire is
to bring change or social awareness, to make people angry, to make people jealous, to heal the sick
3. Which of the following is not a type of satirical device?
ethos, understatement, parody, irony
4. crossword maker A satirical device that takes a real-life situation and blows it out of proportion is ____
parody, absurdity, irony, exaggeration
5. crossword maker Jonathan Swift wanted to help ____.
poor Irish people, rich Irish people, poor English people, rich English people
6. In %22A Modest Proposal,%22 it is suggested that the rich should
go on vacation, buy more land, eat poor Irish children, spend more time at church
7. Jonathan Swift wrote
%22A Modest Proposal%22, %22The Three Little Pigs%22, Alice in Wonderland, %22The Nature of Satire%22
8. Another word for irony is ____
parody, understatement, sarcasm, grotesque
9. educational games Symbolism is ____
when what is expressed is the opposite of what is meant, a literary device in which an idea is used to represent another idea, a literary form that uses humor to criticize a target, used to make comments about the problems of society