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FCE unit 3.1 phrasal verbs and COLLOCATIONS-travel and holidays

Match the phrasal verbs with their meaning (in lower case letters) and the collocations (in CAPITAL letters). They are all related to travel and holidays.

BOOK, stop over, TAKE , pick up, check out, BOARD, check in school , GO, set off, drop off, get in, take off, book into, GET, get away, CATCH assess performance ,

to begin a journey, to go on holiday, A PLANE, A TAN, A HOTEL, A SHIP, A PLANE, A FLIGHT, to arrive at a destination, to stay at a place for a while before continuing a journey teaching , A PLANE, A FLIGHT, to register at your accommodation, A TRIP, A HOTEL, A FLIGHT, A TRIP, A SHIP, A PLANE, A FLIGHT, to take sb to a place and leave them there, to leave the ground, fetch sb from a place and take them somewhere else, to arrange for sb to stay in (a hotel), to pay and leave accommodation , SKIING, SIGHTSEEING,