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ERV Vocabulary

Theocracy, Epic of Gilgamesh, Code of Hammurabi, Monotheism, Fertile Crescent, Polytheism quiz generator , Diaspora, Cuneiform, Pharaoh, Hierarchy, Dynasty grading , City States, Mandate of Heaven, Ziggurat, Zoroastrianism, Hieroglyphics educational activities ,

a system of ranking or organizing people crossword maker , a rectangular temple in structure in Msopotamia, wedge shaped writing for Mesopotamia, nutrient rich soil between the Tigris %26 Euphrates rivers, the religion of ancient Persia results , ancient chinese belief that emperors were selected by gods distance learning , A ruling family build your own quiz , the first set of written laws, a city with its own government, a system of government in which religious leaders rule, to worship only one god educational activities , a ruler in ancient Egypt, the migration of Jewish people beyond Israel, egyptian writing, the belief in more than one god, Mesopotamian story of a great flood,