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Linear vs. Exponential

Please Drag and drop the correct description of the function into its proper category.

Linear Function, Exponential Function, Neither, Both Functions,

Arithmetic Sequence, Curves and flatlines, english Degree of 1, Slanted Line, Inputs are your x-values, invite students Exponent is a Variable, Vertical Line, Dividing, Common Ratio, Ax%2bBy=C, Geometric Sequence, y=mx%2bb, Degree of 2, Multiplying, Common Difference, Function, Adding, Y-intercept, Has outputs, Sort of Like an L-shape, Diagonal Line, Constant Rate, Growth factor, Constant Percent Rate, help students assimilate material Slope, Decay factor, y=ab^x, Horizontal Line, Constant Function, makes a U-shape, Subtacting, Initial Value,