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Full Dark, No Stars

1. significant, equal to
askew, tantamount, ironic,
2. lost in thought; preoccupied
bemused, conventions, amiable,
3. something startling, ghostly
jounced, impaled mix questions , defunct,
4. a rule, method, normative way to do something
ironic, defunct, apparition,
5. unexpected, coincidental, twisted outcome
expletive, bemused, defunct language ,
6. a profane or interjectory expression is
conventions, askew, impaled,
7. friendly or agreeable is
tantamount, ironic, guffawed,
8. If something is lopsided or crooked it is
guffawed, jounced, impaled,
9. bouncing or moving roughly up and down
jounced, impaled quiz generator , guffawed,
10. something no longer used is
tantamount, amiable, expletive,
11. a loud burst of laughter, a belly laugh
impaled, amiable, bemused online quizzes ,
12. Something that is odd or unusual is
apparition, bemused, askew,