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Prehistory Vocab

Archaeologist, City-State, Homo Sapiens, Cultural Diffusion, Nomad, Carbon Dating, Anthropologist, Neolithic Era, Migration, Paleolithic Era, Prehistory, Domestication, Culture, Agriculture, Fossil, Artifacts,

an individual who has no permanent home; roams grading , the period known as the Old Stone Age, the period of time before written records, the spreading of ideas or products from one society to another, an individual who analyzes artifacts, fossils %26 other remains, to tame, the remains of ancient peoples of plants, relating or pertaining to farming, pottery, weapons, art and any other man made items, An independent city with its own government, Method used by archaeologists to determine the age of items, an individual who studies human life and culture, a groups tradtions, customs, or beliefs, the period known as the New Stone Age, the movement of people or animals, the human species,