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(ITF) Lesson 2: Looking at Networks

In this quiz, you can check MORE THAN ONE ANSWER. Some questions have one answer, and som questions have 2, 3, or 4 answers.

1. online quizzes The speed at which you can acces items depends on which of the following?
The speed of your network connection matching excercise , The server microprocessor speed, The microprocessor speed on your system, The number of requests being made on the network
2. Which of the following are advantages of being part of a network?
Larger storage capacity, Back up user data, Ability to share information , Mobility
3. Which part of the network holds the application software?
PC, Application Box, Cabling, Server
4. What is a network?
A group of microcomputers linked together, A group of friends who meet to discuss computers, A group of wires, None of the above
5. In order to be connected to a network, the computer itself must have which hardware items?
None of these, Router only, Cables, Network Interface Card or Wireless Card