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(ITF) Lesson 2: Looking at Networks

In this quiz, you can check MORE THAN ONE ANSWER. Some questions have one answer, and som questions have 2, 3, or 4 answers.

1. The speed at which you can acces items depends on which of the following?
The speed of your network connection, The server microprocessor speed, The microprocessor speed on your system, The number of requests being made on the network
2. Which of the following are advantages of being part of a network?
Larger storage capacity, Back up user data, Ability to share information , Mobility
3. Which part of the network holds the application software?
PC, Application Box, Cabling, Server
4. crossword maker What is a network?
A group of microcomputers linked together, A group of friends who meet to discuss computers, A group of wires, None of the above
5. In order to be connected to a network, the computer itself must have which hardware items?
None of these, Router only, Cables, Network Interface Card or Wireless Card