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Participle clauses - choose the right answer

1. The fog __, the plane took off.
lifted, having lifted, being lifted, when lifting
2. __ too costly for him, he could not buy the coat.
Being, On being, It being, Because of being
3. __ in that block of flats for several years before I moved here, I can tell you living there is not pleasant.
Having lived, Lived, Living, Having been lived
4. ___ back home, the baby started to cry.
Driving, Being driven, Having driven, His mum drove
5. __ in the city centre, the new cinema is very popular.
Locating, Having located, Having been located, Located
6. quiz generator People ___ carnival costumes filled the streets of Rio de Janeiro.
wearing, wore, worn, having worn
7. ___ sparingly, this face cream should last you until Christmas.
Using, It being used, Used, Having used