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Spanish 2 - review Spanish 1 irregular verbs

querer, servir, poner, ver, jugar, tener, saber, ser, encontrar educational games , empezar, cerrarstimulate your students , perder create online activities , entender, comenzar, costar, ir, preferir, pedir, decir generate answer keys , hacer, traer, almorzar, volver, conocer learning , poder, envolver, dormir, salir, doler, dar, venir learning , pensar,

to find, to think, to put, place, to say, to make, do, to play (sport), to bring e-learning , to understand, to know (facts, how to do something), to cost generate answer keys , to give, to see, to have, to begin, commence, to come, to lose, to return, to serve, to want, to know (people, broad topics), to go, to be, to hurt online learning games , to begin, to prefer, to be able, to ask for, to eat lunch, to close, to leave, go out assess performance , to wrap quiz generator , to sleep web tool ,