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Participle Clauses - Advanced

Combine the two halves of the sentences, so that they make sense.

The bed being so narrow, , Being such a narrow bed,, Having taken the wrong train, , Being so rough, the sea,, Being a dark, rainy day,, Having missed the last bus home,, Not having had a shower for two days,, The sea being so rough,, Having been bitten by his dog,, Travelling on the wrong train,, Having been blown down in the storm,, It being a rainy day,, Missing the last bus home,, Not having a shower this morning,, Looking at the trees blown down in the storm,, Having bitten the postman, ,

the tress were a sad sight., tonight of all nights will be the last straw., the man decided the dog had to be kept on a leash., I started to wonder why the scenerry seemed so unfamiliar., I found myself in Bath, not Brighton., I was desperate to get to the bathroom., he decided to walk. teacher , the dog had to be kept on a leash. web tool , I decided I%27d be better off sleeping on the floor., it couldn%27t possibly accommodate two. activity , it made us feel rather sad., we changed our plans to spend the morning outdoors., we decided to go sightseeing instead of swimming., looked dark and uninviting., I felt sad., will make me feel horrible.,