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Edwin Villalta wants you to find the definition of each word. Click on the word and then in the appropriate definition. The vocabulary has been studied during the year. You can practice as many times as you want, good luck!

Introduce generate answer keys , Insult, Score, Approach, Kick short answer questions , Include, Beat, Put on, Recognize, Discover, Root for, Hug, Be careful of, Affect, Debate, Look forward to,

To offend someone by being rude to them, To learn about something for the first time; to find out, To expect with pleasure, To support someone to win a game, To strike something or someone with the foot, Present somebody to others., To realize someone when you see them, To have an effect on someone or something, To put your arms around someone., To win points in a game, To be cautious of; to do something carefully, To do better than others and win a game learning , To move closer to someone or something, To talk or argue about something., To make someone or something part of a group, To apply something to your skin,