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Vocabulary Mania

smuggle , consolation, perception, percepcíón learning , phobic, sarcástico, spindly, reminisce, adversity, retrieved , sarcastic, confinement interactive learning , alliance, glimmer, heinous, indespensible educational activities ,

congnate for perception, sharp or ironic words to insult or hurt someone, you remeber and talk about something from the past computer assisted language learning , to recover or regain, something that is tall, thin, and weak, a way of keeping someone or something from moving about freely, a condition of misfortune, that is often out of a person%27s control prepare quiz , exists if people or a group comes together to acheive a common goal , shockingly bad, cognate for sarcastic, a subtle or faint sign or idea , the way you think about a situation or issue, to bring something in or out without permission, fear of something, something absolutely necessary or essential, something that provides comfort in time of grief or loss ,