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EPCC Holland Six Personality Types

Match the description to the appropriate personality types

conventional.png, quiz generator , ,
2. Possible careers for this personality type would be banker, bookekeeper, secretary, or radio dispatcher.
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3. People who enjoy work as a Teacher, Psychologist, Speech Therapist or Nurse would have this personality type.
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Social, , ,
social.png, , ,
6. Careers that involve working as a Medical Technician, Biologist, Chemist, Geologist or Chemist would have this personality type
Social, Realistic, Artistic, Investigative,
7. This personality type # has athletic abilities and likes to work with things more than people. They often choose careers as Auto Mechanics, Electricians, Farmers, Surveyors, or Aircraft Controllers.
artistic.png, , ,
Realistic, Conventional, Investigative, Social,
investigative.png, , ,
10. An individual with this personality type would work best in a career as a Sports Promoter, Business Executive, Supervisor, or a Manager.
Enterprising save time , Realistic, Social,
11. A career as a Music Composer/Writer, Stage Director, Actor, or Interior Decorator would have this personality type #
realistic.png, , ,