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EPCC Learning Styles

Identify the learning style by matching the picture with the correct defintion.

verbal linguistic.png, , ,
Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Musical Rhythmic, Logical Mathematical,
3. I learn best by touching, moving, interacting with space and processing knowledge through bodily sensations. What is my learning style?
logical mathematical.png, , ,
Interpersonal, Bodily Kinesthetic, Visual Spatial, Naturalistic,
5. I learn best by working on individualized projects, and self-paced instruction. I am reflective and self-aware and like to work alone. What is my learning style?
bodily kinesthetic.png, , online ,
Verbal Linguistic, Visual Spatial, Naturalistic, Intrapersonal,
7. I learn best through rhythm, melody, and music. I like to sing, hum tunes, or play an instrument. What is my learning style?
visual spatial.png, , ,
8. I learn best by visualizing, dreaming and using colors and pictures. What is my learning style?
Naturalistic, Intrapersonal, Logical Mathematical, Musical Rhythmifc,
9. I learn best by categorizing, classifying, and working with patterns and relationships. What is my learning style?
musical rhythmic.png, , ,
Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Verbal Linguistic, Bodily Kinesthetic,
interpersonal.png, , crossword maker ,
Verbal Linguistic, Logical Mathematical, Intrapersonal online activities , Interpersonal,
13. I learn best my sharing with others, working in collaborative groups, and teaching others. I have lots of friends and I am good at communicating. What is my learning style?
intrapersonal.png, , ,
14. I learn best by studying nature%27s patterns, such as erosion and climate. I enjoy geography, weather, and learning about the environment. What is my learning style?
Bodily Kinesthetic, Naturalistic, Visual Spatial, Verbal Linguistic,
naturalistic.png, , ,