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8th Grade Unit 1 Vocabulary

annotate, active voice, argument, quotation, infer, counter claim matching excercise , support, central idea, convey improve results , passive voice, credible, refute, persuade, claim, evidence, source, subjunctive mood, conditional mood online learning games , reasoning,

the subject of the sentence is acted on by the verb, a person, book, etc. that gives information, a claim made to offset another claim, to make something known ot someone, agree with or approve of something or someone, able to be believed, reasonable to trust or believe, imposing, containing, subject to, or depending on a condition, a discussion in which people express different opinions, form an opinion from evidence, reach a conclusion based on known facts, most important thought of a text that tells the reader what it is about teacher , to cause someone to believe something (convince), the process of thinking in a logical way to form a conclusion, to say something is not true, the mood of a verb expresses wishes, states demands, or is contrary to fact, to add notes or comments (to a text, book, drawing, etc.) school , to say something is true when some people may say it is not true, the voice that shows action or what is happening in a sentence, something which sohws that something else exists or is true, something that a person says or writes that is repeated in writing or speech,