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Constructive vs Destructive (copy)

Drag each statement to the correct category. Keep playing to improve your time. You want to have as MUCH time left as possible. The greatest %22time left%22 wins!

CONSTRUCTIVE Process, DESTRUCTIVE Process, group_name3, group_name4,

waves pounding on a coastline forming a cliff, interactive learning rain washing away soil from a hillside, layers of sediment forming at the bottom of the ocean, mudslide flowing down a hill, glaciers depositing till to form drumlin hills, waves dropping sand on the beach, caves being formed by acid rain dissolving a large rock, sediments depositing at the mouth of a river, wind weathering a rock, forming a wind arch, wind blowing sand away from a sand dune, ponds filling with sediment becoming a marshes, flood waters moving soil down a street, a landslide forming a pile at the base of a hill,