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Early Humans Quiz

1. What is the scientific name for humans?
Homo Neaderthalis, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapien, Homo Habilis
2. Humans for left Africa beginning ______ years ago.
400,000, 2.5 million, 12,000, 500
3. What did not exist during prehistory?
language, writing, people, tools
4. Homo sapiens _____ from Africa across the world.
migrated, emigrated, immigrated, returned
5. printable _____ are remains of things that were once alive.
animals teacher , plants, fossils, artifacts
6. _______ is a term for anything that humans made.
plants, pottery, fossils, artifacts
7. Archaeologists measure the age of fossils using radio-_____ dating.
uranium, carbon, plutonium, fossil