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Spanish 3 - review of Spanish 2 -ar verbs

adelgazar, estacionar, revisar, cobrar online learning games , manejar, luchar, mandar, tratar de infinitive learning , engordar, estornudar, ayudar, abrazar(se), besar, lastimarse, chocar mix questions , enfermarse results , quemar, arrancar, dañar, cambiar, doblar, descargar, solicitar educational games , ahorrar, grabar, sacar la basura, pintar, entrenarse, borrar, depositar educational games , renunciar, guardar online education , cruzar school , enviar web 2.0 , apagar, quitar (el polvo/mesa), quedar, ensuciar, olvidar, planchar, aliviar, mudarse, alquilar, apurarse, entrevistar, disfrutar, limpiar, navegar, echar (al buzón) e-learning , sudar, contratar, funcionar, pagar educational activities , fumar, durar educational games , aumentar (de peso), bajar, parar, dejar, firmar, arreglar, ganar online quizzes , llenar, cocinar,

to crash educational activities , to sign, to hurryweb page, to put in (the mailbox), to forget, to get dirty, to surf the net, to interview, to cook, to be located, to enjoy, to take out the trash, to sneeze, to burn improve results , to try to do something, to gain (weight), to smoke, to stop, to get off, out of, to turn off, to send, to iron, to cross, to train, to paint results , to fix, neaten, to gain weight, to rent, to last, to move (houses) interactive , to change, to damage, to save ($), to win, earn, to drive, to work, function, to sweat class website , to turn, to pay, to save (files), to injure, to erase, to check (oil), to clean, to help, to hug, to fill, to kiss, to park, to resign, to apply, to start (a car), to send, mail, to get sick, to deposit results , to fight, to download e-learning , to lose weight, to record, to cash (checks), to leave behind, quit, to reduce, to hire, to clear (dust/table),