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Spanish 3 - review irregular verbs from Spanish 1

hacer, ofrecer, traer, ponerse, parecer, dar un paseo, dormir, poder test , ver, pedir, llover, vestirse, decir, encontrar, querer, oír, sentirse, conducir, poner, almorzar, salir, tener, suponer, sentarse, dar, probarse, irse, volver, jugar, saber , comenzar, conseguir, venir, acordarse, nevar, entender, seguir, cerrar, traducir, ponerse %2b adj, conocer, mostrar, preferir, pensar, repetir, acostarse, contar, ir, recordar, perder, despertarse online learning games , despedirse,

to play sports, to go to bed, to translate, to see, to know (people), to follow, continue, to understand, to snow learning , to bring, to leave, go out, to hear, to say goodbye, to go create online tests , to say, tell, to remember, to prefer, to think, to want, to take a walk, to sit down, to do, make active teaching , to count, tell, to drive, to go away, leave, to offer create online tests , to rain, to know (facts, how to do something), to put, to get dressed, to feel , to wake up, to sleep, to return (to a place), to find, to get results , to close, to be able, to ask for, to repeat, to put on, to come, to begin, to suppose, to show, tell, to have, to remember, to lose, to seem, to eat lunch quiz , to try on, to become __, to giveweb page,