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Spanish 3 - review verbs from Spanish 1

llamarse, trabajar, deber, lavarse, tomar, afeitarse, peinarse, desear, ducharse, desayunar, quitarse, pasar tiempo, esperar, asistir, descansar, contestar, buscar, bailar, cenar, regresar, cepillarse, quedarse, creer, tomar el sol, tocar, abrir, usar, enojarse, llegar, correr, cantar, compartir, pasear create online quizzes , secarse, enseƱar, llevar, montar, maquillarse, levantarse, aprender, quedar, comprar, viajar, preocuparse, caminar, preguntar, dibujar assess performance , faltar,

to fit, be left over, to worry about improve results , to sunbathe quiz generator , to get angry, to ask a question, to return, to dry, to open, to run, to dance, to rest, to buy, to shave, to want, desire, to travel, to take off, to play instrument, to touch, to wear, carry, to put on makeup, to use, wear, to arrive, to ride, to learn, to believe, to shower, to take, drink,eat, to brush teeth, to sing, to attend dynamic quiz , to spend time, to teach, to look for, to be called, named, to comb, to wash, to wait, hope, to share, to eat breakfast, to walk, stroll, to lack, to walk, should, to get up, to answer, to work, to draw, to stay, remain, to eat dinner computer assisted language learning ,