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Verb Groups I, II, III

The verbs here are in their INFINITIVE forms. Ypu have to think of their PRESENT form in order to decide to which group they belong. -------the key------- GROUP I ---_ / ---A GROUP II ---E / ---A GROUP III --- / ----T

verbs GROUP I (---_ / ---A), verbs GROUP II (---E / ---A), verbs GROUP III (--- / ----T), group_name4,

to live לגור (lagur), to stand up לקום (lakum), to sing לשיר (lashir), to put לשים (lasim), mix questions to come לבוא (lavo), quiz builder to want לרצות (lirtsot), to cry לבכות (livkot), to drink לשתות (lishtot), to do לעשות (laasot), to buy לקנות (liknot), to learn ללמוד (lilmod), improve results to ask (question) לשאול (lish%27ol), to write לכתוב (likhtov), ESL to remember לזכור (lizkor), to read לקרוא (likro), to work לעבוד (to work), to help לעזור (laazor), to think לחשוב (lakhshov), to love לאהוב (leehov), to eat לאכול (leekhol), to hear לשמוע (lishmoa), to go, drive לנסוע (lin%27soa), to open לפתוח (liftoakh), educational activities to forget לשכוח (lishkoakh), results history to know לדעת (ladaat), teaching to sit לשבת (lashevet), to go ללכת (lalekhet),