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Identifying Keywords

Look carefully at the following sentences, then choose the answer for each one that contains only keywords.

1. The thigh bone is called the femur.
the, thigh, bone, called, femur, bone, is, called, femur, the, thigh, called, femur, thigh, bone, femur
2. Rainfall is measured with a rain gauge.
rainfall, is, measured, rainfall, measured, with, gauge, rainfall, measured, rain, gauge, rainfall, with, a, rain gauge
3. Birds have wings and feathers.
birds, have, wings, feathers, wings, and, feathers, birds, and, feathers, birds, wings, feathers
4. The skull is a kind of bony box that protects your brain.
the, skull, bony, that, protects, brain, skull, bony, box, protects, brain, skull, is, protects, your, brain, kind, of, box, that, protects, brain
5. Swans and ducks are both birds that have webbed feet.
swans, ducks, birds, webbed, feet, swans, and, ducks, birds, feet, swans, ducks, both, birds, have, feet, swans, have, webbed, feet
6. The referee stopped the game because the player had hurt his ankle.
the, referee, stopped, game, player, stopped, game, because, player, his, ankle, referee, stopped, game, player, hurt, ankle, referee, player, had, hurt, ankle
7. To stay healthy, plants need sunshine, water, and fertilizer.
to, stay, healthy, plants, need, fertilizer, stay, plants, sunshine, water, and, fertilizer, healthy, plants, water, and, fertilizer, healthy, plants, need, sunshine, water, fertilizer
8. George Washington was the very first president of the United States.
George, Washington, was, the, president, George, Washington, first, president, United States, Washington, president, of, the, United States, George, Washington, the, very, first, president
9. Russia is the largest country in the entire world.
Russia, largest, country, world, Russia, country, entire, world, Russia, is, the, largest, world, largest, country, in, the, world