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Identifying Common and Proper Nouns

In the first 5 sentences, identify the proper nouns that SHOULD NOT be capitalized. In questions 6-10, identify the proper nouns that SHOULD be capitalized.

1. I%27m going to the Verizon Store to buy a Smartphone, but I%27m still deciding between an Android and an iPhone
Verizon, Store, Store, Smartphone, Android, iPhone, Verizon, Smartphone
2. We went to Tibet to climb Mount Everest, but the Weather was bad all Week except for Saturday, when we flew Home.
mount, weather, week, everest, weather, saturday, weather, week, home, mount, week, home
3. Northern Fishermen take their Boats out into the Atlantic Ocean to catch Lobsters and Swordfish.
fishermen, boats, lobsters, swordfish, boats, atlantic, ocean, lobsters, fishermen, ocean, lobsters, swordfish, fishermen, boats, atlantic, ocean
4. Jean has two Pets, including a Hunting Dog named Spike, and a Jack Russel Terrier named Lulu.
hunting, dog, russel, lulu grading , pets, hunting, dog, terrier, pets, hunting, jack, russel, hunting, dog, spike terrier
5. (Questions 6-10: What SHOULD be capitalized?) Stephen king is an author who wrote many scary books, including a novel called it, which was made into a movie.
King, Author, It, Movie, Books, It, King, It
6. Larry page and sergey brin, the founders of google, first met in california.
Brin, Founders, Google, First, Page, Sergey, Brin, Founders, California, Page, Sergey, Brin, Google, California, Page, Brin, Google, California
7. We bought lays potato chips and doritos to take to the memorial day picnic.
Lays, Doritos, Memorial, Day, Potato, Chips, Doritos, Memorial, Lays, Potato, Chips, Picnic, Lays, Potato, Chips, Doritos
8. My mother%27s station wagon is an old subaru that uncle jim gave to her years ago.
Mother%27s, Wagon, Subaru, Station, Wagon, Subaru, Years, Mother%27s, Subaru, Jim, Subaru, Uncle, Jim
9. The country of sweden has many wonderful cities, including stockholm, which is the capital.
Country, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden, Cities, Capital english , Sweden, Stockholm, Cities, Stockholm, Capital