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Liquid dosage forms part 2

1. do natural emulsifiers stabilize emulsions
formation of monomolecular film at the interface, formation of multimolecular film at the interface, formation of solid particle film at the interface, decrease surface tension
2. create online quizzes 103. which of the listed emulsifiers is non ionic
sodium laurylsulphate, lecithin, benzalconium chloride, polysorbate 20
3. 104. for preparation of multiple W/O/W emulsion the emulsifiers have to be
hydrophobic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic and hydrophilic, no emulsifiers needed
4. 105. How cyclodextrins improve solubility of water insoluble drugs
increase specific area of the drug, incorporate the drug into complex, incorporate drug into micelles, all mechanisms described above
5. 106.Which excipients are used for preparation of solid dispersions as a method for improvement of water solubility
talc, polivinylpyrrolidone, methylcellulose, citric acid
6. 107.which excipients are used as sweeteners for oral liquid dosage forms
acesulfame potassium, ethylparaben crossword maker , sucralose, sodium alginate