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1. What is the main requirement for powders for preparation of injection solutions and suspensions
Monodisperse system, polydisperse system ESL , Dispersion solid/solid, Dispersion solid/liquid,
2. Results of incompatibility in powders are
Uniformity of content, Uniformity of mass, melting point, Particle size distribution,
3. The advantage of micronized powders over conventional powders is
0,20 mm, 0,15 mm, 1,0 mm, Depending on the composition of the mixture,
4. Which of the powders needs to be sterile
Liquefaction, humidification, coalescention, segregation,
5. The advantages of powders as dosage forms are
Decreazed stability, increased oral bioavailability, reduced single dose, agglomeration and slow dissolution,
6. Indicate the advantages of nanocrystalline powders
Increased oral bioavailability, Diminished effect of food, Dissolution retardation, Need of developing of alternative chemical forms,
7. Which of the following are pharmacopoieal benchmarks for powders as drug formulation
Higher stability, Decrease in the single dose, Better solubility and bioavailability, Easier for use,
8. What types of excipients are used in the preparation of powders
Uniformity of mass, Coeficient of volumetric contraction, Uniformity of content, Disintegration,
9. What is the requirement for the particle size of powder dosage forms for inhalation
Multi dose powders, Powders containing less than 2%25 active drug, single dose powders generate answer keys , specific for powders for oral application,
10. Powders for cutaneous application should be sieved through a sieve
Preservatives, Corrigenses, Fillers, Antioxidants,
11. Which of the following are mandatory control test parameters for powders according to Eur Ph
Sedimentation, Releasing of crystal water, Damping due to chemical interaction, Damping due to hygroscopicity of the component in the composition,
12. Which characteristics of powders are the main reasons for the segregation of powders
Precise dosage in multi dose powders with included potent drugs, Stability, Multi dose powders are suitable for inclusion of potent drugs, Fast pharmaceutical availability,
13. What type of disperse system are powders
Humidification due to chemical interaction, Release of crystal water, Liquefaction, Precipitation due to the movement of small particles between the larger ones and their concentration on the bottom.....,
14. Which of these approaches can minimize the segregation of a powder mixture
Different particle size , Different shape and density of the particles, Different molecular weight of the substances, Continuous mixing,
15. What types of instability are typical of powders
Decrease in size of the particles, Use of flocculating agents, Granulation, Use of suspending agents,
16. Indicate the disadvantages of micronized powders
All powders, Powders for parenteral application, Powders for oral application, Powders for opthalmic application,
17. Uniformity of mass refers to
20-50μm, 2-5μm, 12-15μm, below 100 μm,
18. Which powders must be mandatory sieved
Stability, Good flow, Good solubility, Sterility,
19. What is the basic requirement for powders for preparation of eye drops
Stability, sterility, good flow, good solubility,
20. What is segregation of powders
Microcrystaline cellulose, Calcium phosphate interactive , Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Lactose,