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state had legal loophole, gave temporary female suffrage, third party helps resolve dispute, avoided during Revolution , member of a guerrilla group operating behind enemy lines, officer sought to intimidate Americans into surrender, felt Townshend duties were taxation without representation, bring prematurely, Arnold%27s actions and Saratoga, given command as way to gain Southern support for Revolution, ship given Congressional permission to fight British, organized united resistance to British government online quizzes , North Carolinians who wanted relief from taxes set by colony, benefited French residents of British North America teacher , uncertainty, probably felt by Washington at Yorktown print quizzes , soldiers hired to suppress colonists, some were Hessians, mass departure / some groups of Loyalists after Revolution, articulate patriot who belittled British through plays prepare quiz , member of Church of England, Pennsylvanians wanted relief from taxes set by colony in 1760%27s grading , describe in detail, Arnold provided to British on West Point defenses, 18th century New Englander who advocated gender equality, Dickinson essays criticizing Townshend duties , putting the best interests of the nation above selfish desires, punished Massachusetts, never included Quebec Act , a constructed figure or doll representing a hated person, offered freedom to slaves who fought for the British,