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Money or Friends?

1. invite students What are they doing?
They are talking about school., They are telling jokes., They are singing and playing., They are complaining about life.
2. Does Marina have a beautiful voice?
Yes, she has a terrific voice., Yes, her voice is terrible., No, her voice is not very good., No, her voice is terrific.
3. online quizzes Does the man think Marina can be famous?
No, he makes fun of her., No, she thinks she can be famous., No, he thinks she can be a star., Yes, he believes she can be a star.
4. Does Marina accept his offer?
Of course she does!, No, she doesn%27t accept his offer., Yes. She accepts it because the other girls were invited too., No. She doesn%27t accept it because she can%27t sing very well.
5. Does he understand why she refuses his offer?
Yes, he understands., No. He agrees with her., No, he doesn%27t. , Yes. He disagrees with her.
6. In Marina%27s opinion, is money more important than friends?
Yes, friends are more important than money., No. Friends aren%27t more important than money., No. Money is more important than friends., No. Friends are more important than money.
7. What did she choose?
She chose to be a singer., She chose to stay with her friends., She chose to be a star., She chose money.