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1. Which DOES NOT belong to the main components of an aerosol under pressure
valve device, propellant, upper punch, container
2. Which substances are used as propellants in aerosols under pressure
hydrofluoroalkanes distance learning , polysorbates, propylene glycol, saturated hydrocarbons
3. help students assimilate material The use of which types of propellants was prohibited since 2005
hydrofluoroalkanes, saturated hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons
4. english Which compressed gases are used as propellants in an aerosol products
ammonia, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, polyethylene glycol
5. which saturated hydrocarbons are used as propellants in aerosols products
ethane, isobutane computer assisted language learning , methane, propane
6. which advantages are specific for hydrofluoralkane propellants
high solvent ability, low inhalation toxicity, low price, do not create a greenhouse effect
7. which disadvantages are specific for chlorofluorocarbon propellants
destruction of the ozone layer, high inhalation toxicity, create greenhouse effect, low chemical stability
8. which advantages are sepcific for saturated hydrocarbon propellants
good solvents, highly flammable, inknown inhalation toxicity, insignificant greenhouse effect
9. which advantages are specific for compressed gaze propellants
high chemical stability, do not cause environmental problems, low solvent ability, the pressure in the container fall in time
10. quiz generator what are main advantages of aerosols ????
no complicated manufacturing technology, exactly dosing due to the pressence of dimensioned valves, fast therapeutic effect, do not require special instructions for use by patients
11. depending on the metod of filling the technological approaches for aerosol systems are
filling at room temp without pressure, filling at high temp, filling at low temp, filling under applied pressure
12. in which form a drug could NOT be included in the propellant
as a compact, as an emulsion , as a solution, as a foam
13. which materials are used in the preparation of aerosol containers
metal, silicone, plastic, polyethylene glycols of high molecular weight
14. how is incorporated the liquid propellant in the composistion of liquid foam
as a separate liquid phase, just as vapor, as an emulsion O/W in the drug concentrate, as an emulsion W/O in the drug concentrate
15. prepare quiz What type of systems are foams
solid / liquid, gas/solid, liquid/liquid, gas/liquid
16. learning what type of systems are aerosols
solid/gas, liquid/gas, liquid/liquid, solid/liquid
17. mixing of propellants allows control over
therapeutic effect, shape of the particles of powder substance, density of the liquid-reproducible single dose, solubility
18. crossword maker the choice of a method for filling of aerosol depends on
the pharmacological effect of the drug, the type of valve mechanism, the dose of the drug substance, the type of propellant used
19. the physical form of the released product from an aerosol bottle depends on
the type of used aerosol system, the design of the valve system, the material used in aerosol system, the corrosion resistance of the containter
20. what is percentage of propellant in the foam
about 30%25 , up to 15%25, about 15%25, more than 50%25
21. which ARE NOT routes of administration of an aerosol product
respiratory, subcutaneous, intracardial, dermal
22. web pagewhat are main advantages of two phase liquified aerosol systems where the drug is dissolved in the propellant????
a rapid chemical degradation can be performed, very fine particles can be produced after emmiting the prod, the use of co solvents is necessary, a simplified manufacturing process
23. what are the main functions of the propellant in an aerosol product
provide the desired released rate of the product, provide the necessary degree of fineness of powder substance, provide accurate dosing, ensured desired physical form of the emmited product
24. which liquiefied gases are used as propellants
quaternary ammonium compounds, hydrofluoroalkanes, saturated hydrocarbons, unsaturated hydrocarbons with low molecular weight
25. what are the phases of a two-phase aerosol system
compressed gas and drug concentrate, drug concentrate and liquid propellant, liquid propellant and its vapor, compressed gas and liquid propellant