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End Mark Punctuation

We use sentences for many different reasons. Sometimes we want to tell others something. Sometimes we want to ask something. Sometimes we want to tell others to do something. Sometimes we want to show how strongly we feel about something. There is a different kind of sentence for each of these four purposes. The Declarative Sentence tells or states something. It uses a period (.) at the end of the sentence. Example: Tomorrow is my birthday. The Interragative Sentence asks a quesiton. It uses a question mark (?) at the end of the sentence. Example: Do you like baseball? The Imparative Sentence makes a request or gives directions. Very often in an imparative sentence, (You) are the subject. It uses a period (.) at the end of the sentence. Example: Do your homework. The Exclamatory Sentence shows strong feeling. It uses an exlamation point (!) at the end of the sentence. Example: (What a beautiful rainbow!) Read the following sentences and slide them into the correct end punctuation box.

Period (.), Question Mark (?), Exclamation Point (!), Exclamatory,

What good luck you always have, Do you have a skateboard, crossword maker Tom has been taking piano lessons for two years, When will the train arrive, online quizzes Aim for the target, Tomorrow is Saturday, Are you telling me the truth, Guess the right number, Oh, let me think, crossword maker Hurry Up, The rocket took off on time, Have you ever seen the circus, online quizzes I have two cats, Kyshia erased the chalkboards, How dare you say that, Our family took a vacation to Virginia, What a mess we made with the paint, mix questions Have another piece of my delicious cake, online learning games Where does the bike trail end, Watch out, How funny the monkeys look, What is the name of that movie, Turn on the radio, please, multiple choice questions Are you going on the bike hike, Henry, read a story to the class, Marcia hit a home run, What an exciting game it was, What time is it now, Our class went to the museum, online learning games Please open the window, Do you like peanut butter and jelly, Stop it,