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1. What kinds of liquid carriers could be used during filling in soft gelatin capsules ?
Gelatin , water and plasticizer, Gelatin and water, Gelatin , Microcrystalline cellulose,
2. What is the content of residue moisture in soft gelatin capsules?
up to 1μm, around 25μm, aound 50μm, around 100μm,
3. What are the disadvantages of gelatin as shell for capsules ?
13-16%25, 5-10%25, 1-5%25, 18-20%25,
4. What kind of materials could be filled into hard gelatin capsules ?
Type A and Type B, Natural and synthetic, Type C and Type B, All mentioned above,
5. The shell of soft gelatin capsules is consisted from ?
Pig skin, Beef and pork bones, Plants that contains gelatin, Synthetic materials,
6. What sizes of hard gelatin capsules are used for mechanical application ?
6.66%25 gelatin at temperature 10 C, 6.66%25 gelatin at temperature 37 C, 4.66%25 gelatin at temperature 37 C, 4.66%25 gelatin at temperature 25 C,
7. What represents the self - emulsifying cariers in capsule formation ?
From 4 to 0, From 5 to 000, From 5 to 1, The size depends on the type of active substance,
8. What is the content of residual moisture in hard gelatin capsules?
The powder porosity, The average diameter of particles, The true density, The tapperd density,
9. What is the thickness of hard gelatin capsules shell ?
RH=35%25-55%25, t=15-15 C ?, RH=30%25-45%25, t=15-15 C ?, RH=50%25-65%25, t=15-15 C ? quiz , Storage in dark places,
10. What are the enviromental conditions which should be followed during the storage of hard gelatin capsules ?
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Methylcellulose, Chitosan , Microcrystalline cellulose,
11. The shell of hard gelatin capsules is consisted from ?
Low solubility at 37 C, Incompatibility witg aldehydes teaching , Specific storage conditions, All mentioned above,
12. What determines the mass of powder that a capsule with a certain size can take in ?
Water solution, Solids, Ethanol solutions, Oil solutions,
13. What is the permissible particl size for filling of suspensions in soft gelatin capsules ?
Gelatin, Ethylcellulose, Hydroxypropy lmethylcellulose, Polyvinylpyrrolidone,
14. The hard gelatin capsules could be produced from ?
Dependent and independent dosing capsule-filling machines, Sedimentation and gravitation capsul-filling machines ?, Single- and two-sides capsule-filling machines, All mentioned above,
15. What kinds of materials are filled into soft gelatin capsules ?
To increase the viscosity of the liquid, To cross-;ink the capsule, To include polymers, To seal hermetically the two parts of the capsules?,
16. Gelatin can be obtained from ?
melting of semi-solid material, sedimentation method, high-speed mixing, Semi-solid materials can only be filled in Soft gelatin capsules,
17. What kinds of liquids could not be filled into soft gelatin capsules ?
Sorbitol, Ethanol, Glycerin, Tributyl citrate,
18. Which are the other polymers used for preperation of hard capsules ?
Triglyceride oils, PEG 1000, Fatty alcohols create online tests , Glycerol,
19. What is the disintegration time of gelatin capsules and soft capsules according the Eur.Ph ?
Water, Ethanol, PEG 400, Glycerin,
20. Which of the listed approaches should be additionally done in order to make inclusion of liquids possible in hard gelatin capsules ?
Triglyceride oils, Aqueous solution, Ethanol solution short answer questions , Animal fats,
21. Which from the listed substances could be used as plasticizers for soft gelatin capsules ?
Lipids, Lipids %2b surface active substances, Lipids %2b co-solvent, All mentioned above,
22. What types of gelatin are used in pharmaceutical industry ?
Up to 25 μm, Up to 50 μm, Up to 10 μm test , Up to 100 μm,
23. Which are the conditions for evaluation of mechanical strength of gelatin gel ?
Up to 15 min, Up to 15 min for hard and 30 min for soft gelatin capsules, Up to 30 min, Up to 60 min,
24. Which from the listed a substances is primary used as liquid carrier for filling in soft gelatin capsules?
Liquids and semi-solid materials, Only solids, Only liquids online activities , Water and oil solutions,
25. The filling of semisolid materials in hard gelatin capsules could be performed by
13-16%25, 5-8%25, 3-6%25, 18-20%25,