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EX CR-Cyberbullying

Watch the video links in the Assignment Directions Choose the best answer after each question. This is a PRACTICE type activitiy. You may repeat it to get 100%25!

1. What is the point of video #2?
You should never tease people, You should not use social networks, You can%27t take back what you post, You shouldn%27t involve your parents with internet things
2. In video #1, who did the mean girls get her password from?
her parents, her teacher, her brother, her best friend
3. Look at the list of %22Kinds Of Cyberbullying%22 located on our class home page. Which of the following is NOT on that list?
posting mean comments through IM, emails, or chatrooms, repeatedly sending malicious messages to someone online, pretending to be someone else when sending false information, posting pictures of your friends with their permisson
4. In Video #4, what type of cyberbullying was Lolo experiencing on her cell phone?
Outing, Trickery, Harassment, Impersonation
5. In the video %22You Can%27t Take It Back%22, what were the boys doing that was so hurtful to the girls?
calling them names, telling jokes about them, rating their looks, telling lies about them
6. After watching Video #1, which is NOT a reason to share your password---even with your best friend?
people can use your password to do mean things, you lose control over who can use your identity, friends sometimes don%27t remain your friends, friends will never share it with anyone
7. Which is NOT a reason people cyberbully others?
they don%27t have the courage to talk to your face, they want attention, they want to feel better about themselves , they want to be their friend
8. If someone is cyberbullying you, what should you NOT do?
tell an adult, save the evidence, give them back the same treatment, ignore them
9. Which is the best completion of this sentence: %22Once you put something online ___%22.
you can always delete it, people will understand what you meant, you can never get it back, only people you choose can see it