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Of the various calliphorid flies, this one is of particular concern because it prefers to live and feed on living tissue of a vertebrate host. (Genus and species, no space), A viable control option for which insect involves releasing sterilized males to mate with wild females? (common name, no spaces), The following insects, Trichodectes canis, Ctenocephalides canis and Ctenocephalides felis are important intermediate hosts of which tapeworm, which can infect dogs and humans (particularly young chil, The term for an infestation of lice (one word), Most flies that cause myiasis lay their eggs directly on their warm-blooded hosts. However, this one does not. (2 words, no space), Which of the following chemicals is used for control of lice: ivermectin, metronidazole, permethrin or praziquantel?, The term for the infection of a fly larva in human tissue. (one word), How long will adult unfed fleas (i.e., those that have NOT had a blood meal) live off their host? (days, weeks, months or years), Which arthropods have ctenidia? (plural), Which parasite is considered a major cause of hair loss syndrome in deer in Oregon? (one word, plural), Which arthropods are grouped according to their mouthparts and whether they are sucking or biting/chewing? (plural), True or false: The cat flea, Ctenocephalides felix, can also infect other warm-blooded animals such as dogs, horses and poultry., The most common vector of trench fever. (genus, species and subspecies; no spaces), Which of the following diseases do human body lice (Pediculus humanus) NOT transmit: epidemic typhus, trench fever, relapsing fever or lyme disease? (no space), A typical fly life cycle involves an adult female fly laying eggs. Which of the following flies does not lay eggs: deer ked, horn fly, blowfly, bot fly (if 2 words, no space), Your friend quietly shares with you that they have ‘crabs’. What type of arthropod are they hosting? (singular), Once adult fleas get onto their host they don’t usually leave, unless their host _______. , Which arthropod has the following general life cycle: egg-larva-pupa-adult? (singular), Blowflies (Calliphorids) are primarily scavengers or facultative parasites. Which species is an obligate parasite? (common name, no spaces), How are fleas shaped to better enable them to move among hair? Bilaterally or dorsoventrally flattened?, When treating head lice with medicated shampoo, some products direct you to treat a second time about a week later. This is because the shampoo does not treat _____. (plural) , The name for a swelling or abscess beneath the skin on the back of cattle, horses, and other mammals, caused by the presence of the larva of this fly by the same name, which has migrated through its h, How long will adult fed fleas (i.e., those that have had a blood meal) live off their host? Days, weeks, months or years?, Which arthropod parasite is significant to public health because it is the most important vector of plague and of murine typhus? (genus and species, no space),

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