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(ITF) Lesson 1 %26 2: Computers All Around Us %26 Networking

Use the Flash Cards to familiarize yourself with the words. You may also use the Computing Fundamentals book to help with your answers. Good luck!!!

PDA interactive , Input Device, NIC, Output Device, Supercomputer quiz generator , Tablet, Notebook or Laptop, Workstation, MAN, Mainframe Computer, Personal Computer (PC), HAN, WAN, Network, CAN, LAN,

Allows 2 or more computers to communicate, Network Interface Card, Portable micocomputer similar to a desk top model, Also called a microcomputer, can sit on, under or beside a desk, Printer, Speakers, Headphones, Monitor, Wide Area Network , Local Area Network, Campus Area Network test , Personal Digital Assistant, Fastest type of computer available , Sends information to the computer, Metropolitan Area Network prepare quiz , Any computer needing alot of power for processing files, Similar to a notebook but the screen can be swiveled, Can process hundreds of programs simultaneously, Home Area Network,