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(ITF) Lesson 1 %26 2: Computers All Around Us %26 Networking

Use the Flash Cards to familiarize yourself with the words. You may also use the Computing Fundamentals book to help with your answers. Good luck!!!

WAN, HAN, Workstation, LAN, Personal Computer (PC), Supercomputer, MAN, Output Device, Input Device dynamic quiz , Tablet, CAN, Network, PDA, Mainframe Computer, Notebook or Laptop, NIC,

Any computer needing alot of power for processing files, Fastest type of computer available , Allows 2 or more computers to communicate, Portable micocomputer similar to a desk top model, Network Interface Card, Also called a microcomputer, can sit on, under or beside a desk, Wide Area Network printable , Metropolitan Area Network, Can process hundreds of programs simultaneously language , Sends information to the computer, Similar to a notebook but the screen can be swiveled create online quizzes , Personal Digital Assistant, Local Area Network, Campus Area Network, Home Area Network, Printer, Speakers, Headphones, Monitor,