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(ITF) Lesson 1: Computers All Around Us

1. This computer can is large enough to fill an entire room, can processes hundreds of different programs at the same time, and is used by airlines, banks and universities:
Supercomputer, PDA, Mainframe Computer, Minicomputer
2. This computer can fill part of a room, and typically processes data at a slower rate, the more people use it, the slower it runs.
Personal Computer, PDA, Mainframe, Minicomputer
3. Also called %27microcomputers%27, this computer can sit on, beside, or under a desk. It can process data quickly and is used in small businesses, homes and schools:
Mainframe computer, Minicomputer online education , PDA, Personal Computer (PC)
4. These computers are portable, and similar to desktop models in speed, performance and usage.
PDA, Notebook or Laptop, Pocket PC, Supercomputer
5. This computer appears similar to a notebook but usually the screen can be swivelled or folded over to allow the user to write or select items using a special pen:
PDA, Pocket PC, Tablet, Minicomputer
6. These computers are small, palm-sized computers, used as personal organizers, and have specific software to make appointments, contact lists and write notes:
Minicomputer, Microcomputer, PDA, Laptop
7. Essentially any computer that requires alot of power for processing files, such as drafting, desktop publishing, graphics design, video editing and programming:
Microcomputer, Personal Computer, PDA, Workstations
8. I.T. Fundamentals (ITF) stands for:
Information Technology Fundamentals, Internet Technology Fundamentals, Info Training Technology, I Take Fundamentals
9. The Award you will earn in this course is called the IC3. What does IC3 stand for?
It%27s Cold 3, Internet Computers 3, Internet and Core Computing, Information Computing 3