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AH2 - Unit 8

Women, Mexican Americans, and Native Americans, Obama Care, Social media, CNN, Internet, Newspapers and magazines, Cyberbullying, Information Age, Osama Bin Laden, MTV, PC, Cultural divide, President Obama, Social media, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Partisan politics,

Types of communication that were hurt by the Internet, Washington%27s political process is broken because of this, First president to effectively use the Internet to organize support distance learning , Abbreviation for personal computer, First to bring 24 hour a day music, Biggest technological advance of the 1990s educational activities , Partisan politcs in our country has caused this problem, Bill that provided money to assist during the recent recession, Way people now connect with others - Facebook, etc, These groups pushed for equal treatement in the 1960s and 70s, First cable news- began on June 1, 1980, Also known as the Affordable Care Act - health reform, Using social media to harm or frighten someone assess performance , Founder of the terrorist group, al-Qaeda , Examples include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, 1980s - Internet makes information easily accessible ,