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AH2 - Unit 8

Obama Care save time , Women, Mexican Americans, and Native Americans, Social media, Social media, Internet, MTV, CNN, President Obama, Cyberbullying assess performance , Osama Bin Laden, Partisan politics, Cultural divide, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Newspapers and magazines, PCweb page, Information Age,

First to bring 24 hour a day music, Biggest technological advance of the 1990s tool for teachers , Founder of the terrorist group, al-Qaeda , 1980s - Internet makes information easily accessible , Types of communication that were hurt by the Internet, Way people now connect with others - Facebook, etc, Abbreviation for personal computer, Using social media to harm or frighten someone, Also known as the Affordable Care Act - health reform, First president to effectively use the Internet to organize support, Partisan politcs in our country has caused this problem, Examples include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, Washington%27s political process is broken because of this, First cable news- began on June 1, 1980, These groups pushed for equal treatement in the 1960s and 70s, Bill that provided money to assist during the recent recession,