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Tundi 20 Lesson Revision

1. Which word below means %27cruel/dangerous/hurtful%27
unkind, unpleasant, vicious , disagreeable
2. What does %27wicked%27 mean?
surprising teacher , unfair, evil, unkind
3. What is the opposite of a small person?
a big person, a tall person, a large person, a short person
4. What is the opposite of a narrow road?
a large road, a huge road quiz builder , a wide road, a small road
5. I did not quit my job accidentally. I left my job on purpose. %27on purpose%27 means:
for a reason, deliberately save time , with a plan, happily
6. I have an abundance of enthusiasm for my new job. Which one below means %27having abundance%27?
an absence of enthusiasm, a great deal of enthusiasm, a lack of enthusiasm, a scarcity of enthusiasm
7. Which word below is another word for %27attic%27
cellar, basement, loft, ceiling
8. If you are %27a lucky person%27 then you are ...
fortunate, chubby, happy, confused
9. Another word for %27certainly%27 is:
probably, definitely, likely, maybe
10. printable What is the difference between %27will%27 and %27going to%27
%27will%27 is definite %27going to%27 is probable, %27will%27 is probable %27going to%27 is definite, %27will%27 is the future %27going to%27 is colloquial, %27will%27 is colloquial %27going to%27 is the future
11. %27I get the gist of what you are saying%27 means:
I get the reason for your question, I get the general meaning of what you are saying, I fully understand everything that you are saying, I don%27t understand what you are saying
12. If someone is not speaking clearly then that person ....
is mumbling, is snoring, has a cold, is foreign
13. The American Dream is an __________ of the United States.
idea, opinion, ethos, experience
14. Arguments against Materialism %27Materialism promotes a selfish world.%27 %27promotes%27 means:
encourages, is the result of, asks for, equals
15. The world is collapsing because of the idea that competition for resources is natural. %27collapsing%27 means:
in trouble, struggling, materialistic, falling apart
16. What are %27peeps%27?
friends/social group, drinks, problems, ideas
17. %27The aforementioned idea%27 means:
the idea from a long time ago, the idea from another person, the idea I mentioned before, the following idea
18. which word below does not mean %27in addition%27
furthermore, additionally, also, similarly
19. It is possible _____ someone _____ something
for, to do, to, for doing, for, for doing, in, for doing