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AH2 Review Units 7-8

De Facto Segregation, Civil disobedience, Brown vs. Board of Education, Betty Frieden, cultural divide class website , Integration, De Jure Segregation, MTV, 24th Amendment, Segregation, Domestic policy, Affordable Care Act, New Federalism, New Frontier, Montgomery Bus Boycott generate answer keys , Partisan politics,

Obama Care, President Kennedy%27s domestic plan, Separation of races, Segregation by custom or practice, Process of ending segregation, Segregation by LAW, Started when Rosa Parks would not give up her seat, 1st network to bring 24 hour a day music, Made poll taxes illegal, President Nixon%27s domestic plan, People who strongly support one political party, Things that happen in US and do NOT involve other countries educational activities , Caused by partisan politics, Wrote %22The Feminine Mystique%22, Separate schools based on race is unconstitutional, Protest without violence,