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Cell Structures

pseudopod online quizzes , chlorophyll, folded membrane in mitochondrion distant learning , mitochondrion, chloroplast, eukaryote educational activities , prokaryote educational activities , ribosome, plasma membrane, chromosomes, nucleus, flagellum, cell wall, lysosome, cytoplasm, vacuole, cilia,

where proteins are made, outer boundary of some cells for extra support distant learning , contains digestive enzymes, cells that do not contain internal membranes, such as bacteria improve results , where food is produced, gel-like fluid in cell, %22false feet%22 used for movement and feeding in some cells, storage sac for food or water, semi-permeable boundary around every cell, green pigment used for photosynthesis, composed of DNA and contains the genes, increases surface area for ATP production, site of cellular respiration results history , hair like structures for movement or feeding, cells that contain internal membranes, tail like structure used for movement, control center of the cell,