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AH2 Exam Review for Units 5-6

Israel, Two countries involved in Cold War, International Military Tribunal, Iron Curtain results history , Communist, Democracy web tool , Yalta Conference, Pearl Harbor, Cold War, Holocaust, D Day, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, Axis Powers in WWII, United Nations, SHORT term causes of WWII, Allies in WWII,

Type of government that Soviet Union, Attacked by Japan in December 1941, Aggression of Germany, Japan, and Italy; appeasement, United States and Soviet Union, Germany, Japan, and Italy, Battle of Normandy, US, Soviet Union, Great Britain create online tests , Persecution and murder of 6 million Jews, Nation founded by United Nations to provide for Jews, This war began right after WWIi, This authorized Johnson to send troops to Vietnam create online activities , Group that tried major war criminals of Holocaust, Group formed after WwII to deal with future conflicts , Meeting where Germany was split into 4 parts e-learning , Dividing line between communism and democracy, Type of government that United States has,