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AH2 Exam Review units 3-4

Consequence of IMPERIALSIM, Discrimination short answer questions , New Deal, Segregation, Prejudice, New weapons of WWI, Isolationism online quizzes , WWI Allies, 19th Amendment, Herbert Hoover, Reason US fouhgt Spanish American War, Consequence of Spanish American War, Zimmerman Telegram, Long term causes of WWI active teaching , Imperialism, Laissez-faire,

Negative behaviors that are directed at a speicific group, Separating people on the basis of some characteristic, When the government lets the economy take its own course, Few powerful countries control many smaller countries grading , To help cube become an independent nation, This gave women the right to vote, Ruling country is like a bully, Policy to avoid political or economic agreements, US became a world power, Militarism, alliances, and nationalism, Germany said they would sink shis entering British waters, A Chicken in Every Pot, A Car in Every Garage, Negative learned attitudes toward a group of people, Russia, France, and Britain, Franklin Roosevelt%27s plan to help the Great Depression, machine guns, tanks and hand grenades,