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Unit 1 Review-Finacial Planning part 2

$12, credit unions, deposit, reconcile, principal, simple interest, insufficient funds, $180 class web page , $606.02, savings %26 loans, 100, debit card, compound interest, commercial banks, endorse, payday loans,

credit unions, savings %26 loans, payday loans, and ___, kind of financial institution operated by its members, How much interest is earned at 3%25 on $400 the first year , In a budget, the percentage that all categories should total, do this with your bank statement and check register monthly, Banks pay this at the end of the year on amounts in savings, the account balance if $600 earns interest4%25 after 3 months , They charge high interst rates on loans that must be paid quickly, When you do not have enough money to cover a check you write, when a bank calculates interest on your account monthly, The orignial amount deposited in an interest bearing account, when you write your signature on the back of a check grading , You have $545.69, spend $365.69. What is the new balance, a type of card that only lets you spend money in your account, What is it called when you put $$ in an account, provide loans and mortgages to customers with a savings account,