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Unit 1 Review-Financial Planning

Move the decimal point two places left and drop the %25 sign, $600, long-term, needs, income, $60, $240 quiz builder , wants, variable expense, fixed expense, budget, periodic expense, $80, $150, $120, short term,

What type of goal is saving $10,000 for a house down payment, $600 monthly rent is an example of what kind of expense, Expenses that represetn things I would like to have are , Money that I earn from a job or get by another source is called, A plan for how you are going to save your money is called a , What is 25%25 of $2,400 , Examples of this kind of expense include a water or gas bill, How do I convert a percent to a decimal, Saving $500 over 6 months for an iPad is what type of goal, If you make $1200. How much is 20%25 toward your rent , Exampls of this kind include a yearly bug inspection, 2.5%25 of $2,400 is _____. short answer questions , Expenses that represent things that I need to live are called, Ihave 5 months to save $600, how much should I save monthly, I have 2 years to save $3,600 how much should I save each year create online activities , Carl pays 4%25 of his $2000 income toward his cable bill, how much?,