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OxWord I/49/2 (I can get through exams)

Choose the correct translation.

1. postępować zgodnie z poleceniami
to follow instructions, to read carefully, to disqualify, to cheat
2. osoba nadzorująca egzamin
an invigilator, a candidate, a feeling of relief, a forbidden item
3. zakazany przedmiot
a forbidden item, to disqualify, a candidate, a feeling of relief
4. porozumiewać się z kimś
to communicate with sb, an invigilator, to cheat, an essential thing
5. osoba zdająca egzamin
a candidate, an examiner, a feeling of relief, a positive attitude
6. dyskwalifikować
to disqualify, a paper, to follow instructions, a feeling of relief
7. ściągać na egzaminie
to cheat, an invigilator, to devote time, a success
8. oszust
a cheat, a success test , an examiner, to follow instructions
9. egzamin pisemny
a paper, to devote time, a cheat, to follow instructions
10. uważnie czytać
to read carefully, a feeling of relief, to communicate with sb, a forbidden item
11. egzaminator
an examiner, a positive attitude, to cheat, to read carefully
12. rzecz zasadnicza
an essential thing, a forbidden item, a candidate, to devote time
13. poświęcać czas
to devote time english , to read carefully, to follow instructions, to cheat
14. pozytywna postawa
a positive attitude, a paper, a feeling of relief, to read carefully
15. uczucie ulgi
a feeling of relief, to devote time, an invigilator, to cheat