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Y3: Unit 3 Revision Questions 3 (Pesukim 4-8)

1. How could Avrohom give them milk and meat together (more than one answer)?
Because they were smelly, Because their feet hurt, To remove the dust which they worshipped,
2. Who was the ‘young boy’?
To fill them up, Because they hesitated to come, They were small men,
3. What time of the year was this episode taking place?
Bake cakes, Cook the meal, Go shopping, Rest her feet,
4. According to the Midrash why does the Posuk say the words %22calf%22, %22tender%22 and %22good%22
Rosh Hashanna, Sukkos, Pesach, Shavuos,
5. What did Avrohom ask Soroh to do?
He served them 3 calves tongues, The calf was the best meat, The men were very hungry,
6. What does Avrohom first offer to be brought to the 3 men?
Before the Torah was given, They were Malachim, not people, He served milk first, then meat,
7. Why does Avrohom only offer them a piece of bread and not a whole meal?
Yitzchok, Yishmoel, Yaakov, Moshe,