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(ITF) IT Fundamentals Glossary

File Extension, Cache, Cold Boot, Dual Boot, Back up, Bootable Disk, Keyboard web 2.0 , CMOS, Circuit Board teaching , Bus create online quizzes , Icon, DIMM, CPU results history , Bandwidth, Binary Numbering System, Expansion Slot,

Group of circuits that perform a specific function, Copying files to another location to restore files if they get lost, Memory used to store frequently accessed data, Can boot your computer using 2 different operating system, Range of frequencies a communication device carries, Disk containing the computers start up sequence, Pathways that link different devices to each other, Follows the file name and identifies the type of file, Numbering system that contains 1 and 0, Allows you to insert expansion cards, Small graphical image used to represent a program, Starting the computer from a power off status, Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semi Conductor english , Central Processing Unit, Dual In-line Memory Module learning , Used to type commands, data, etc,