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AH2 Review Units 1-2

Industrial Revolution, California, labor unions, 13th Amendment, Europe, 1800%27s, Sectionalism, small rooms and overcrowded, Natives had little food, muckraker, transcontinental railroad, Mercantilism, Commercial farming, Jane Addams, Dawes Act, Entrepreneurs,

Built by Chinese and Irish; made settling in West easier, Place that sent explorers during Age of Exploration, Time period of Industrial Revolution, US Govt. gave Indians land to farm; to be like whites, Wrote of negative effects of Industrial Revolution, England%27s policy after Salutary Neglect, Founded Hull House to help the poor, Problems with tenements, People who invest and are willing to take a risk in business printable , Organization of workers that want to better conditions e-learning , Way people in West made a living; raising crops to sell assess performance , Gave freedom to African Americans, Reason Chief Jospeph didn%27t take Indians to Canada, Period when much gold was found in California, Extreme loyalty to a particular region of a nation. e-learning , When focus was on machines, factories, and industries,